Orphan Support Programs

Orphan Support Programs

According to statistics, Uganda has more than 2.7 million orphaned children, mainly caused by HIV/AIDS and civils wars within the different of the country. As a result of the ADF guerilla activities and HIV/AIDS, it is estimated
that aroung one hundred thousand (100000) children have been orphaned within our region of operation (Mt. Rwenzori region-southern Uganda). This prompted us to set up different orphanages and homes within the region in order to care
for those children; providing shelter, food, clothing, education and other basic life necessities. We are currently supporting hundreds of children within the region and also expanding to other regions due to the increasing needs.

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We warmly welcome all the people that would like to come and volunteer at our different program sites. These programs include children's ministry/homes/orphanages, church and evangelism missions, visiting and ministering to the needy, women's empowerment programs, youth empowerment programs, community outreach, etc.

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