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You’re paying to make them fail your exams. The unlocks and questions renew every month. Members can also earn additional unlocks or tutor questions by uploading their own documents. Suppose your unlocks or questions are over before the month is over, you can earn more by uploading your documents.

  • Course Hero is a fantastic academic resource.
  • I got 8/20 for a long question that I posted, the explanations are so randome!
  • After months of not using this site, A year later I get charged 119 dollars.
  • You can use them to unlock 30 documents/ user questions across Course Hero.

I had to get some help with a coursework as my time is quite limited with work, family, home commitments. So tried getting some material to compensate for the time and paid these guys to help me. All they did was to give me a bundle of corrupted PDFs and running away with my hard earned money.

People who write reviews have ownership to edit or delete them at any time, and they’ll be displayed as long as an account is active. Not that bad , but materials scattered all over , they need to organize them for easy access especially some of us who go for premium package. in periods of high inflation, Scam, for those students who will enroll becareful they will charge your card right away, and NO chance to REFUND at all. If you want to apply, be careful of your IDs, data etc…might hacked you, they do get your data and used it, this website must be closed and reportedly.


We look forward to future growth, expanding both our library of resources as well as our user base. We think Course Hero is a valuable educational tool to supplement college classroom materials. ” In terms of both monetary and educational value, we say yes. Learn about our online platform created to help college students like filling the gap stocks you graduate, confident and prepared. When faced with the looming deadline of a 10-page paper, or when Finals Week is breathing down your neck, most college students have at least done a cursory search of online study aids. With so many options out there, figuring out whom to trust feels like its own research project.

  • So, it is my suggestion to all tutors if you really want to waste your time, then you can join.
  • This subreddit is for discussing academic life, and for asking questions directed towards people involved in academia, (both science and humanities).
  • Course Hero does not notify your school because their services are confidential and they have no affiliation to any university.

I contacted course hero to take them down but they told me since the student was the one who did their own work and uploaded the solutions it doesn’t violate their academic integrity policy. I’m so angry right now I have no idea what to do. I’m ready to throw in the towel, these students (particularly in our program and those whom had the majority of their undergraduate classes online due to COVID) are truly something else. Course Hero is an online learning platform with more than 20 million course-specific documents shared by a community of students and educators. Course Hero is an online learning platform where you can access course-specific study resources contributed by a community of students and educators. Course Hero monthly subscriptions range from approximately $10 to $40.

Why do you have so many bad reviews?

Course Hero is an online learning platform that offers users access to more than 30 million course-specific study resources. Contributed by our community of students and educators, these practice problems, study guides, videos, and class notes help you get unstuck if you need help with your coursework. You can post study materials like lecture notes and lab reports and access similar materials from other students studying the same subjects at your school and schools around the country.

Currently we have more than 1 million paid users and 20,000+ contributing educators—which should put your fears to rest if you’re wondering, “Is Course Hero legit or is Course Hero a scam? Course Hero is dedicated to connecting learners with valuable information and has a free unlocking system. After uploading the original study documents, the platform grants you access to other materials for free. For every ten uploads, Course Hero rewards you with five unlocks. Using your Windows PC or Mac, you can upload materials to the learning platform. I’ve been working all day just to answer questions and I cannot get my money because they are telling me I violated there policy.

Probably because students upload crappy content. If students uploaded more legit content, there would be less crappy documents to sift through. The study guides and literature reviews are legit though.

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The emphasis here is Plagiarism because academic dishonesty is punishable and no students would want to waste their years in college just like that. Tutoring companies are bound by the law to ensure that their services are not detrimental to academic integrity. You risk facing a penalty from your professor if you copy every content word for word.

You will only obtain instant access to the documents such as course notes and answered questions after paying because Course Hero does not offer a free trial. One of the big problems with Course Hero is that if a student wants to cheat, the website offers all the tools they need to do so. It provides a temptation to students who are looking for exam answers and want to cheat in class.

I posted some of my work on Course Hero and a Professor found it, how screwed am I?

I understand that you have been using other sites for your academic help. Our team of experts is highly trained and experienced in all academic tasks, and we are committed to delivering the best results possible. Course Hero is a fantastic academic resource. It offers a vast library of study materials, including helpful document previews and an active Q&A community. The only drawback is the subscription cost, which could be more budget-friendly. Course Hero’s founders were among the first in the edtech field, starting their company in 2006 with a mission to help all students graduate college confident and prepared.

Method 1: Use Your Free Course Hero Account

I uploaded many documents that were accepted but didn’t receive the unlocks until I contacted support and they gave it to me after 48 hours. Then when I finally how to buy nft tokens unlocked some documents, the answers provided were wrong. They give you wrong answers and you can not get back your spent unlocks for those wrong answers.

Advertised a paper that wasn’t even half filled out, but pretended it was. Cost me 26 dollars or whatever they charge, and on top of that they even charged my card for two months even though I canceled. First time getting scammed, and I’ve never been this pissed and felt so stupid about something. This company is completely ruling on tutors.

Wow very nice and i like this course.thiis course is very helpful for all students.There are so many repeat questions in this test and many of them are copied from the material SAP has provided. There is only a couple of new questions and that is why I’m giving 1 star. Course Hero is a perfect study aid for students. Whether you missed some lectures and can’t find notes anywhere else, or you’re having trouble with concepts, you can turn to Course Hero for a solution. If you don’t have much use for Course Hero, you’ll do just fine with the free account.

Students are only permitted to upload documents they own the copyright to, meaning notes, labs, and study guides that they created themselves. If a professor finds their copyrighted information on Course Hero, they can report it to Course Hero and we will remove it. Course Hero created an online repository for sharing study resources in order to supplement in-class learning. If you miss a class or lecture, for instance, you’ll be able to access notes without having to track down a classmate (which can be difficult for a number of reasons). They charge other users who want to access these materials but you do not get anything from them. Their business model is stealing from people to make themselves rich so don’t be fool by their mission to help learner.

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This educational website is an invaluable tool for students worldwide, giving them access to class notes and lecturer documents. However, the site isn’t always the most budget-friendly solution. Its a simple click bait that keeps you hooked by promising free study material.

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